Client Comments

training those paws so you can praise 'em.

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"Thank you for the tips and all your consultation.  It has really helped me to become a better dog owner."

-Sajeev B

 "Yesterday, I grabbed at my dog, and she ran away. Today, I ignored her, and she followed  me EVERYWHERE, all thanks to one person. Lindsey."
My favorite part was when we said" Josie! Come!" then made funny noises.
 I can't wait for your next session."

- Mia, age 9
A picture Mia drew of our training session with Josie:


"From flunking an obedience course from a local pet store to success with the help of Lindsey.   We had a loved, spoiled and unruly miniature pinscher, who has turned into a mannerly young man.   The strides made with Lindsey's training are miraculous!  Time and energy with the proper techniques do pay off!  Sure recommend Lindsey's expertise in this endeavor.  My mother (who is 92), and our family, find our "Killer" (named by my brother) to be a more enjoyable and responsible member of the family."  


-Agnes Arnold